why join tiny pricks?

desperate times, creative measures

Like so many others, I am trying to process this presidency in a way that doesn’t involve withdrawing from following politics. This project is about witnessing, recording, taking notes in thread, and paying attention. Paying attention to his words.

This series holds a creative space in a tumultuous political climate. Tiny Pricks Project counterbalances the impermanence of Twitter and other social media, and Trump’s statements by using textiles that embody warmth, craft, permanence, civility, and a shared history. The daintiness and strength of each piece stands in a stark contrast to his presidency.

you can make a tiny prick (please do)

check out @tinypricksproject for inspiration

1. Pick a quote. My primary source is Trump’s Twitter feed, but I have also stitched statements from his decades of celebrity. A quick search gives you countless quotes to choose from.

2. Pick your textile. Things to consider:

        • How easy is it to stitch into?
        • Will the stitches be legible?
        • Can I enhance / alter an existing design? (For some reason, a lot of participants have stitched orange hair onto textiles with chickens!)
        • Does it have personal or historical significance?
3. Lay it out. There are many ways to map out your piece. I use washable transfer markers (available at craft stores), but you can also use a pencil or pen. You can write it free hand, or if you would like more guidance, you can practice spacing on a piece of paper the size of your textile and then transfer it.
tracing paper
4. Pick your thread. I use very basic cotton thread. The darker the thread, the easier it is to read on Instagram. In addition to picking a color, you decide how many strands to use. Each piece of thread comes in 6 strands. I often use 2-4. To blend colors, pick two different colored strands the same length and thread them through the needle together.

5. Get started.I generally use a hoop to hold the textile straight and firm — especially if the material is delicate. If the textile is folded, I usually stitch through all the layers. Don’t worry about what the back looks like!
6. Submit it. Please email a photo of your piece to diana@tinypricksproject.com so I have your email address and a photo on record before you mail or drop it off. Most people mail pieces directly to my address in Canada:

Diana Weymar 1318 Transit Road Victoria, BC V8S 5A3 Canada

Travel Alert

SUMMER 2019 I will be traveling with the project so please email me before mailing your piece so that I can give you an address that will allow your piece to reach me sooner. The address below is still good if you want to use it. Someone will be getting the mail on a daily basis.


You’re encouraged to post and share your piece as you make it. Your piece officially becomes part of the collection when I receive it, and assign it a number in the project. If you’d like to include any additional material or information related to your piece, like photos, or the inspiration for your piece, all is welcome! It’s entirely up to you!

posting in a public community

@tinypricksproject is a public account. Occasionally someone will comment, seemingly to start a discussion but actually to engage in conflict. I monitor all comments and block followers as necessary. Please contact me if you ever have any concerns.


By sending or giving your piece to me, you are permanently donating it to the project. It becomes a permanent part of the collection. Your piece may travel for exhibition, be posted on social media, and be used for materials associated with the project. Whenever possible, credit will be given to participants. If you are concerned about attribution, however, the best way to make it clear and obvious who stitched the piece is to stitch your name and/or IG handle into the piece.

optional documentation

TITLE : I often use song lyrics. This is a chance to express your sense of humor (if you still have one after working with Trump’s words) and/or perspective.

CREDIT : Please let me know how you would like to be tagged or given credit for your piece. You’re also welcome to submit anonymously.

TAGGING : I always tag @realdonaldtrump, and anyone related to the piece. I also add hashtags that comes to mind. Please tag your posts #tinypricks, @tinypricksproject and @dianaweymar to give me a chance to repost it.

OTHER : If there is anything else you would like to say about the piece, please let me know.

Feel free to invite others to participate.

Examples of documentation:
Wind Beneath My Wings (Tiny Pricks No. 61) by @deborahosborn @senjohnmccain @realdonaldtrump “Did you ever know that you’re my hero?” @bettemidler & “Sit down, take a look at yourself/Don’t you want to be somebody/Someday somebody’s gonna see inside” @littleriverband #onlywinners #winnertakesitall #heroes #tinypricks61
Lonesome Loser (Tiny Pricks No. 62) by @mimisfabulousjunk, thread, heroic statements, 2018 #tinypricks62

FAQ (No, I don’t know who will win in #2020.)

1. Can I use the same quote as someone else? Yes. If the quote resonates for you, please use it even if someone else already has.

2. Can I really not keep my piece? Sadly, no. The piece becomes a permanent part of the collection.

3. Can I embellish my piece? Yes. You are welcome to add designs, marginalia, and stitched details.

4. Can I make more than one? Yes. Please do! One participant has made 25… and counting!

5. Can I quote someone other than Trump? Yes, but please clear it with me first so that it is guaranteed to be included in the project. I have stitched quotes from James Comey, Melania’s jacket, Nikki Haley, and Stormy Daniels.

6. Can a Trump supporter participate? Yes.

7. What if people I know want to make one? Great! Please direct them to my website or social media for more information.

8. Is there a deadline? Not really.

9. When do you post the pieces? In the order in which they are received. I do have a “waitlist,” but if there is a reason to post earlier, I do. Sometimes I post in reaction to a political event.

10. May I work together with a friend? Yes! You’re more than welcome to collaborate with someone else.

happy stitching and thank you for being part of @tinypricksproject

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